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Air Taxi For Business Travel

Experience The power of Air Taxi for Business Travel Linear Air Taxi is a great option for short-hop business travel throughout North America

Get More Out of Your Business Day

Cost-Effective Productivity Boost

Air Taxi is perfect for short-hop business flights wherever you travel for work. Linear Air’s online Air Taxi marketplace gives you instant access to the most favorably priced Air Taxi flights throughout the United States. You enjoy the efficiency and convenience of a personal plane, without the extravagant cost of a private jet. Since you hail an entire plane, bringing colleagues lowers your average cost per passenger. With per passenger costs starting at $400, you quickly see the benefits of Air Taxi travel over business-class and coach airline fares.

Maximize your savings with our Travel Rewards Program.

"The commercial options for 4 people and trade show luggage from Long Beach to San Luis Obispo... lordy... This made it an incredible no-brainer, as Linear Air actually came in *cheaper* than the commercial options. We would have had to stay an extra night, then either get up to LAX for a late afternoon direct flight, or down to SNA for an early morning connection through PHX."

Jeremiah Farmer, CEO, Land F/X Software, Linear Air customer

Fly Promptly

Fly When You Want

Hail your Air Taxi at the exact time you want it. Forget the hassle of leaving the day before and staying in a hotel to ensure you make that breakfast meeting. Simply hail an early-morning Air Taxi to your breakfast and be back in your office that afternoon. Or book your Air Taxi for multiple same-day flights and meet face-to-face with several remote clients. Because you control the flight schedule, you can pack more actual work time into your business travel day and still be home for dinner.

Over 5,000 Regional Airports To Choose From

Fly Hassle-Free

Spend Less Time in Airports

Sure, you can hail an Air Taxi from a major airport, but the power of our robust Air Taxi marketplace is its nationwide network of regional airports and operators. Because regional airports don’t serve the flying masses, they are less congested and hassle free. Meet your Air Taxi at an executive terminal with easy, free parking right on site. Most will valet your car at no cost. No lines, no gates to get in the way of flying. Simply drive up 15 minutes before departure, meet your pilot and take off.

"Everyone was just spectacular. This was last minute and urgent and everyone from the terrific woman who helped put it together on short notice to the flight crew moved quickly. I could not be more appreciative and grateful.

This was all so professional and responsive i just can't adequately express our gratitude.

This wasn't a 10. It was a 100. Perfect".

Dale Leibach, Principal, Dale Leibach & Associates, Linear Air customer

Fly Productively

Eliminate Costly Waits

Flying commercial means hours of productivity sucked out of your day. The minutes you spend looking for parking, walking to the terminal, waiting in security lines, waiting at gates, boarding by zone, and then disembarking en masse, add up to hours of empty time. With Air Taxi, door-to-door travel time is primarily spent flying. No aggravating waits. No costly hotel rooms and extra meals on the road. You pack maximum performance into your work day, and relax longer at home.

99%+ on-time departure rate

Fly Comfortably

Fly in Comfort

When you hail an Air Taxi, you book an entire plane — integrating the latest engineering, sophisticated avionics, most-advanced airframe designs and safety systems — flown by a highly trained pilot. Whether alone or with colleagues, you enjoy an exhilarating, safe flight experience in a comfortable, spacious cabin with leather interior and modern ergonomics. From the time of booking to when you arrive back home at your doorstep, you have direct access to warm, friendly, and personal service by Linear Air agents and professionals.

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